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Swim Lessons

Callie had her first swim lessons for the summer and she absolutely loved them! I have to confess, I was a bit nervous about doing them, as she seems to be going through a phase of hating baths. I could just picture her screaming the whole time, but I was pleasantly surprised (in fact, the only time she got upset was when I couldn't get her in the pool fast enough). She went for 8 sessions and seemed to be disappointed that they are over. The ultimate goal was for her to get comfortable and not be afraid of the water - goal achieved! By the end of the 8 sessions she started kicking and moving her arms (reach and pull) - it was very neat to see her start not really doing anything but playing and end with some new skills. Amazing how quickly she can learn.
Preston took a few days off and was able to join us for a few of the swimming days.
This was by far one of her favorite activities - the instructor took a bucket of balls and submerged them, after they all popped back up the kids were to kick to them and then kick them back to the bucket. The first time, she wasn't willing to give the balls up but by the second time she was putting them in the bucket like a pro.

Practicing her kicking with daddy

They have this mat that the kids practice kicking and blowing bubbles off of. At the end of the lesson they kids can walk across the mat and then jump in. Callie was by far the youngest kid in the class but she seemed super excited to try this. I was a bit apprehensive but she loved it!

Singing Humpty Dumpty

She was a very good kicker at the end of the 8 sessions

The last time on the mat, I placed her on and got ready to stand her up  when all of a sudden she took off crawling with no one on the other end of the mat to catch her. You can see some panicked looks on all our faces - it was pretty funny!


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Mothers Day Weekend

We had amazing weather for Mother's Day weekend and tried to enjoy every minute of the summer.

On Sunday, Callie and I ran the color run. A 5k through Seattle which involved a lot of dust and color. It was a lot of fun and  I was super proud of her and how she pushed herself.

Before the race. Shirts are still white and hair is still normal color. We ran with one of Callie's good friends and her mom. 
Bubbles! That was a highlight for Callie, she loved running through the bubbles. 
Done! Color and dust everywhere!

We spent Saturday with Katy and Dennis and explored Renton and a local beach and park.

Callie and Katy
The gang!

Saturday was so beautiful that we actually went home and the kids ran in the sprinklers and played in the bathing suits all day. 

Summer Fun

As I'm getting ready to post this, I realize that I was very bad about taking pictures this summer. None of these pictures capture all of the fun that we had. We hiked, camped, played, and stayed as busy as possible. 
Liam loves his sister so much!
Using a log as a boat - trying his best not to get wet :)
Playground fun
We spent a lot of this summer at the rock climbing gym. They both seem to love it.
Callie married Captain America this summer
This summer we tried the water park down the hill from us with some friends. I was holding off on going because I wasn't sure how I would be able to watch both kiddos and feel that they are safe but it ended up being so much fun and they kids did fabulous. 

One of the hikes we did this summer was to the natural water slides. The kids spent HOURS in the freezing cold water. 
More playground fun

Sun River 2018

For mid winter break, we headed up to Sun River for the week. As always, it did not disappoint! The kids had a blast spending the week with Grandma and Grandpa, all their cousins, skiing, and playing in the snow. This year we started with no snow on the ground and ended with a blizzard that made driving home very tricky. Liam stayed home with Grandma while Callie and I skied. Although it is always hard to be left behind, he loves his Grandma so much and they had an absolute blast together. I'm also realizing that she took all the pictures so I have very few with her...major bummer!

We celebrated these 2 boys on this trip. 
When there is this many kids, you not only take over the whole run but there it is also very difficult to figure out which way to go....

Grandpa and his gang
Pretty soon we won't all fit on one couch.
Unfortunately our sister/dad ski day did not go as planned. Sarah took a spill the day before and was not able to ski with us for the rest of the trip