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My how time flies. My little girl turned four a couple days ago and I can't believe it. I have enjoyed watching her mature into a caring, spunky big girl. By far, I have loved the change in her as she has gone from a single child to a big sister. She is the best big sister one could ask for.

She lives to love life and is a very content little girl. She is excited to be growing up and can't wait until she hits kindergarten (one more year to go...eeek). She is spunky and creative. One of her favorite things to do is make up songs and stories. Sometimes they make sense, and sometimes, not so much. She would spend all day being read to if we let her (which I love) and we often spend our car rides listening to books on CD. She has a passion for learning new things and sharing them with those around her. She can be timid until she is comfortable and the she doesn't hold anything back. I love her with everything I have! I stole Sarah's idea and interviewed Callie - I figured …

South Carolina

Ahh....I don't even know what to say about South Carolina. So much fun, so much family, and some much love. I can't imagine a better time. I so value and love this time that we are given to spend time with family and in such a beautiful place nonetheless. Thank you so much to Granny for giving us this opportunity and creating such an amazing experience. I cannot thank her enough. I am so blessed to know that my  kids are surrounded, for a week, by such an amazing family that loves and cherishes them.

The trip was a blast. The Grahams were pretty much just beach bums the whole time, only venturing into town one day. It took Liam about 4 days before he was finally happy at the beach and by the end was playing and running in the water alongside his sister. Callie is a fish.....I'm pretty sure she could spend all day in the water and be happy!
Excuse all the pictures but we had a lot of fun :)

After a full day of traveling on planes or being in airports, the kids were tired wh…

Random Summer Fun

In addition to those awesome summer weekends, we have also enjoyed some random, fun play dates. We've hiked, hit the zoo (multiple times), visited a couple different museums, toured some local farms, hit every park imaginable, and much more. I realize I haven't taken my camera on most of these outings but this is what I have. I have taken full advantage of being home for the summer and we have tried to enjoy Washington to its fullest. We have not gotten all the way through my list of things to do this summer but I feel fulfilled!

Anytime Callie is laying like this, Liam stops whatever he is doing and crawls on top of her. Luckily she likes it (so far). 
We hiked to a local beach to enjoy low tide with some of my long time teaching friends.  Collecting some seashells
Finding crabs
It was a beautiful beach and a beautiful day
The love between these two makes my heart so, so happy.

And here's some random ones :) I'm so glad she didn't ask to go play in the water!

Fourth of July

We headed to Hoodsport for Fourth of July and enjoyed some lake time, some fireworks, and some relaxation.
Snuggle time on the porch
Trading hats with Granddad
Any cabin trip is not complete without a trip to the pier and crab hunting on the beach.
My two sweet, sweet angels
I tried really hard to get one with them both smiling (or even just looking at the camera) and it was a complete fail. So, here's one of each of them :)

Snuggling with Nana
Liam loved the sparklers and kept asking for more....that is, until he held one and then he was pretty much done for the night
We spent the next day out on the lake. Surprisingly (due to our extreme heat this summer) the lake was actually refreshing (not just cold) and we took a dip in the water. I only got one picture in before our camera died for the weekend :)