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Father's Day Lobster Party

This year for Father's Day, we had a nice quiet lobster party! It was great food, great family, and fun backyard playing. We had beautiful weather and the lobsters were delicious! A great way to celebrate all the amazing dads in our family!

Apparently, I needed to take the camera away from Preston.....although there aren't any pictures of him, he was there, had fun, and ate a lot of lobster....I promise :)
Doing crafts with Grandma
Making fire starters for the dads
Snuggles with Grandma
Extreme goofball!

Who needs a sandbox when you have a horse shoe pit?

Liam has had ample opportunity to bond with Aunt Sarah this year.....they have a bond that will never be broken :)
Happy Father's Day Daddio
So many people were taking pictures, I couldn't find one where we were all looking at the camera....the best I could find
Love, love, love this girl
And the lobsters make their grand entrance!
Both Liam and Brent had trouble waiting until they were cooked.....

Checking out the fi…

I think its official....

Anyone who lives in Seattle, I think, would agree with the statement that summer has officially started here. I'm really excited to take full advantage of my "at home" status. This will be the first summer I will have Callie 100% of the time at home and I am so excited! We have already been busy, but in the best possible way. 
We've had some extremely hot days which have resulted in many sprinklers, sponge fights, and water balloons. We decided to make some water balloon 'pinatas' and had fun breaking them.

I took the kids on a hike. I was a bit nervous, being on my own, as I was only carrying one in the back pack. Not sure how far Callie would go, I picked a simple 2  mile (round trip) hike and kept my fingers crossed. Callie did it and I was so proud of her! Liam walked a bit of it and was so happy just being out and exploring. We had lunch at the river and he loved it!
We made it! Yay!!
We even tried to hug some gigantic trees
We've had a couple beach …