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Baby's First Spring Break

As per tradition, Jesslyn and I took off and left the boys to enjoy a few days of relaxing! We always rent a cabin as close to the beach as we can get it; this year sure blew away all the others!

Our days were spent walking on the beach (somehow we lucked out with weather - while it was snowing at Jesslyn's house, we had pure sunshine!), playing games, and reading! Although we did have some major decisions to make - which movies to watch, how much wine to drink (Jesslyn, of course), and the biggest question of all: which sweats to wear!

We can't wait until next year, when we will have a little one keeping us busy!

(I have opted not to include any pictures of us - sweats do not seem to flatter us)

It's a girl!!

Well, it is official! Preston and I are having a baby girl. She is due on August 12th and we are very excited.

I have been told (thank you Shauna) that it is now my obligation to create a blog. When the subject was brought up, Preston laughed and mentioned to me....that meant someone would have to update, here goes nothing! I apologize in advance if it is not updated very often.