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The Holiday Season

Whew! This season has been a busy, busy blast! We managed to keep busy the whole winter break, in the best possible way. We worked hard to enjoy every minute of the season and took advantage of every day of no school.
We started winter break with a fun weekday ski date with Grandpa and the Jones clan. We ended up with a beautiful day and the kids ended up lasting all day. A lot of great, long runs were skied.
The day was full of sunshine and great snow. The mountain was absolutely beautiful!
Everyone got to ride together because Crystal Mountain has 6 person chairs
Clara and Callie had so much fun skiing together. A bit timid at first but as the day went on, Amy and I were told we needed to stay behind them because they were the "leaders"
Love my ski buddy!
Part of Callie's Christmas present this year was a date night with just Preston and I. Liam got to stay home and snuggle with Grandma as we headed out to the Fifth Avenue theater to watch The Little Mermaid. It was so…