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Hawaii fun!

Last weekend we headed out to Oahu to enjoy some sun, water, and family! It was an amazing time and we couldn't have asked for a better family vacation.
We rented a house right on the beach for the beginning of the week and enjoyed a lot of beach and sun. It was the perfect size for the three of us and let Preston and I sit on the lanai while Callie slept. We woke up to the sound of the waves and fell asleep to them too. Although Callie decided that 5:30 was a great time to wake up everyday, Preston and I embraced it and we spent our mornings walking on the beach looking for shells and turtles.
The second part of the week, we went and stayed with Pat and Kristy (long time college friends) in their new beautiful home. Callie loved it there because there was SO much space to run around and she could jump in the pool anytime she wanted (as long as she could talk someone into going with her)! We ate some amazing food with them - I think I ate more calories in the last few days than…

Easter Weekend

We had a very exciting Easter weekend. Washington ended up with some amazing weather and we spent the whole weekend outside in some form or another. For Easter the Easter bunny left a trail of eggs for Callie to follow to find her hidden Easter basket then we headed out to church.
From church we headed down to my parents house to enjoy some amazing sunshine.
Look mom! The Easter bunny brought me new sunglasses and a camera! It's what I always wanted! (and yes, she is wearing Santa pajamas)
We got a quick family shot in before we got dirty!
And we attempted a Callie shot - we thought putting her next to the flowers would be a pretty picture, instead they ended up just being a massive distraction! O well
While Callie was napping we filled a couple (pretty big understatement) eggs and hid them out in the yard! I think Grandpa will be finding them for the next year. There were A LOT of eggs.
Waking up from naps and cuddling with Grandma
Bubbles were by far a highlight of the day

Drying our hair!

Callie's verion of the hair dryer!