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Thankgiving was amazing! We managed to enjoy family, play football, go hiking, go beaching, and overall just relax.
Our Thanksgiving started out at the Knowles house complete with our first annual flag football game; Grunders vs. the Broncos. So thankful that everyone got out on the field and there were many, many giggles and fun had by all.
The painting of the field and team names
No smiles at first....a bit apprehensive at the beginning but she got into it very quickly
we started out with our own cheering squad
Friendly coin toss
Halftime snuggles by the fire
The kids showing off their muscles at halftime
After the game, we had an amazing dinner complete with an actual kids table. We started some new and amazing traditions this year! After dinner we headed to our cabin and spent the rest of the rainy weekend at the cabin. We hiked a bit (although it was so wet!), enjoyed some ice cream, and tried to find crabs at the beach.  Callie was the only one brave enough to venture …

Fall Sports

With the start of school, we have managed to keep extremely busy. This fall, Callie played on a soccer team and started rock climbing at a local bouldering gym. Both sports have seem to be a really good fit for her. She is always excited to go and ready to learn something new.

We lucked out with fall soccer this year and only had 1 or 2 actual rainy days. Looking forward to many more soccer games and much more cheering by me.
Laurel and Callie lucked out and got to play on the same team again. Safe to say, they both loved having each other on the same team

Liam was not always happy to go sit in the cold and watch a game but if we brought enough blankets, snacks, and toys he'd make it work
This season Callie got a bit more aggressive and it was so much fun to watch her go after the ball and hustle across the field
My two monkeys
Another benefit of having Laurel on the same team is our cheering squad doubled :)
We took a chance and enrolled Callie in a rock climbing class. We weren&…


This Halloween was a very fun year. Both kiddos totally got into trick or treating and we spent the season doing crafts, wearing our costumes as much as possible (Callie), and decorating our pumpkins. We passed on the pumpkin patch this year due to some major rain and Preston being gone hunting. We picked out our pumpkins at a local stand and managed to get the biggest ones. Liam wanted a truck on his, was very excited when we drew the truck on it, but that was very upset when we actually cut the truck out of the pumpkin. Apparently we didn't explain the process enough to him. 
The day before Halloween, we headed to the zoo to watch the animals play with their pumpkins. Callie was so happy to be able to wear her costume all day, Liam refused :)

On Halloween we had an early dinner and headed out trick or treating earlier because it was a school night. Callie was so excited to show Liam what to do and was fearless going up to the houses. On the houses that Liam was too afraid to go …


The end of summer

Well, for us, summer has officially ended. Our big girl has started kindergarten and we are back to a schedule and routine. In order to enjoy the last days of summer, we decided to have some fun family outings.
We headed to seattle and were tourists in our own city. We saw everything there was to see and lucked out with some good weather.

They couldn't quite figure out why people put gum all over the wall...

There's always ice cream involved when daddy is with us! Checking out the ferry boats
We also hit the fair on opening weekend. It was surprisingly not very busy. The kids had a blast - the rides being the favorite, of course.  I got to ride the roller coaster with Callie :)
Thankfully this boy was big enough to do the could have been a problem!

This was by far Callie's favorite thing. The giant slide!
We had an awesome park date.

 Preston got his hunting tree stand this weekend and the kids were more than happy to try it out,

The box was just as fun as the …