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The end of summer

Well, for us, summer has officially ended. Our big girl has started kindergarten and we are back to a schedule and routine. In order to enjoy the last days of summer, we decided to have some fun family outings.
We headed to seattle and were tourists in our own city. We saw everything there was to see and lucked out with some good weather.

They couldn't quite figure out why people put gum all over the wall...

There's always ice cream involved when daddy is with us! Checking out the ferry boats
We also hit the fair on opening weekend. It was surprisingly not very busy. The kids had a blast - the rides being the favorite, of course.  I got to ride the roller coaster with Callie :)
Thankfully this boy was big enough to do the could have been a problem!

This was by far Callie's favorite thing. The giant slide!
We had an awesome park date.

 Preston got his hunting tree stand this weekend and the kids were more than happy to try it out,

The box was just as fun as the …