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Laughs and giggles

Aunt Sarah got the first official giggles out of Liam on Sunday! He still kind of surprises himself....

3 Months

Well - it looks like our little boy is three months now! I can't believe how quickly things are moving!

Here is an update on him:
He is growing every single day! I think he recently went through a growth spurt as he no longer looks like a newborn but looks, instead, like a little boy! The women in our church nursery comment every week on how much he changes each time they see him and it is so true. (If I could just slow down time.....)He smiles all the time and has just recently found how loud his voice is. He cooes but also will alter his tone - almost like he is having a conversation with you. He can roll over from his stomach to his back about 75% of the time. He is much more interested in people and faces than toys - I'm sure that will change quickly. No toys seem to really capture his attention (besides the light up sun). His sister is, by far, his favorite person! He will track her all the way across the room. He will stop whatever he is doing and just watch her. Now, if …

A conversation

One of my favorite times of the day is driving Callie home from school - we have some fun sing-a-longs and some great conversations. Today was no exception....
We've been having to talk a lot to Callie about what it means to tell the truth and what that looks like. We've read books and reminded her over and over how important it is. We talk about how god wants us to be truthful and he will be disappointed if we don't tell the truth. We talk about how we really want god to be proud of us. So today, in the middle of singing "the ants go marching" she stops singing and says "god would not be proud of us if we pick our nose" and then kept on singing.
Well......I guess she's taking some of our conversations in - ha!