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This Halloween was a very fun year. Both kiddos totally got into trick or treating and we spent the season doing crafts, wearing our costumes as much as possible (Callie), and decorating our pumpkins. We passed on the pumpkin patch this year due to some major rain and Preston being gone hunting. We picked out our pumpkins at a local stand and managed to get the biggest ones. Liam wanted a truck on his, was very excited when we drew the truck on it, but that was very upset when we actually cut the truck out of the pumpkin. Apparently we didn't explain the process enough to him. 
The day before Halloween, we headed to the zoo to watch the animals play with their pumpkins. Callie was so happy to be able to wear her costume all day, Liam refused :)

On Halloween we had an early dinner and headed out trick or treating earlier because it was a school night. Callie was so excited to show Liam what to do and was fearless going up to the houses. On the houses that Liam was too afraid to go …