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4 Months!

Time continues to fly by (very, very quickly). Our little boy is now four months old and growing bigger each day!

He now weighs 14 pounds and 11 ounces (31% tile) and is 25 inches long (55% tile). His head is giant (90% tile), Preston claims it's because he has such a big brain!Although he can flip from his stomach to his back, he has decided it's not that cool and is much more fun for mommy and daddy to flip him over. He just started rolling from his back to his side - almost all the way over! He has found his voice and has realized that the only way to be heard over his sister is to be VERY loud. He just kind of screams and giggles and then screams again (over and over and over again!). Cars are not his favorite thing and likes to voice his displeasure often. By far, his sister is his favorite person in the entire world! He can instantly go from crying to laughing in about 1 second when he sees his sister. He will constantly stop whatever he is doing and will track her across…