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Just thinking about you.....

Easter Eggs

We decided to do our Easter eggs this weekend at Hoodsport. Preston finally has someone else to dye eggs with.
She was pretty intrigued about putting the tablets into the water and watching the water change color - I think she was more excited about that then coloring the eggs.

The eggs were put into whisks and dipped into the color - again, Preston was excited to finally have someone to do it with
We then stickered them up and she spent time lining them all up......
then we asked Callie to stand behind them so we could get a picture with her with them.....this is the best we could get (notice the eggs on top of the table....and her below it)
The final product - sans one little girl!

A Weekend Away

We took full advantage of the one weekend this month that we had nothing planned....totally ignored our outdoor to-do lists, our indoor must do list, and all other chores we deemed not important.....and headed up to our place at Hoodsport. We ended up with some very nice, but very cold weather. Although that didn't stop us from spending the whole time outside exploring and digging.
My favorite thing, by far, about our place up there is that there is nothing that we HAVE to do. Instead it becomes how can be best spend the time together....
Here's some pics from our relaxing.....perfect.....weekend!

Callie has started mimicking her teachers and "reading" books to her baby. She will sit in front of them, and babble for a bit, then turn the book around to show the pictures. It is very cute!
We ended up with a beautiful Saturday so we pulled her table out to the deck and she painted some Easter eggs. Quite the view that artist has!
She is ALWAYS the happiest outside

Singing her abcs

We had one weekend this month that we could get away to Hoodsport and we took full advantage of it!
Currently, Callie's favorite thing to do to pass the time in the car is to sing. Her favorite songs are the abcs, happy birthday, and the alphabet song....which takes a word that starts with each letter of the alphabet and the sound of each letter.....for example: apple, apple, a, a, a, baby, baby, b, b, b (that's about all Callie knows so she sings it over, and over and over - not my favorite song!). We've recently made a break though on the abcs.
She likes to watch the video after we record her, it's been the only way we've got her to slow down recently enough to get things on video. She was a bit impatient towards the end to watch it, wonder who she gets that from!

Callie Day

Preston headed out to Arizona to spend some time with Dennis and help his recovery so Callie and I were on our own for a couple days. We decided to have our first ever "Callie Day" - we did everything that day for her. We started the day at the Children's museum and then headed to spend the afternoon at the park. The day ended with a meal just for her (chicken nuggets and fries). We had a blast - although the pics don't exactly show it, so I just included some action shots. She wouldn't stop for pictures :-)
Callie, the bus driver
Shopping for some milk

Ready for vacation

Don't tell Callie that she has a few weeks to go......
We have started pulling out some of her summer things for our upcoming Hawaii trip - you'd have thought it was Christmas for Callie. She spends her day in her sunglasses (either on her head or her eyes) and wearing her crocs.


Callie seems to have come down with a bit of a stomach bug, which for us means a lot of extra snuggles!