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2 Months

Time is flying by very quickly for our family of four! Liam is an absolute angel and is growing and learning everyday.

Here's some new stats on him:

He is growing, growing, growing. He is 2' tall which puts him in the 85%ile for height. He is a bit on the light side, weighing in at 10lb 15oz which puts him in the 13 %ile for weight and causing us to have to come in next month for a weight check. He is a great eater; although it still seems like he wants to eat constantly!He still sleeps a great deal. He can only stay up an hour or an hour and a half at a time before he needs to go back down. He doesn't take very long naps in his crib - we are working on that!He's started recognizing toys and instantly lights up when he sees the light up sunshine (Callie's favorite when she was a baby too!)He is an extremely smiley boy! His smiles light up his whole face.He has started trying to talk - he coosWhen he is awake, he prefers to be laying down so he can see everyone and …


This year we had a very low key Easter. Mom had her last round of chemo this week and because of that, we celebrated Easter a week early with the Knowles family. It was an amazing day full of Easter egg hunts, bike riding, cookie decorating, and running around. It was perfect (it did help that we ended up with an absolutely gorgeous day!)! I, of course, took no pictures of the day......check Sarah's blog :-)
On Easter, we spent the day relaxing....just the four of us. We headed to church in the morning and while we were at church the Easter bunny came and hid a basket and eggs for Callie.
That tricky Easter bunny hid her basket behind the chair (a popular hide and seek location)
Checking out her Easter basket
Yum....jelly beans!
Some very silly glasses
The Easter bunny also hid a dozen plastic eggs around the house which contained Callie's lunch. She had SO much fun finding the eggs and opening them to see what the Easter bunny made her for lunch. 
A bagel piece with strawberr…


At one month old, Liam has officially had more surgeries that Callie and me combined....we spent all day last Friday at Children's hospital to get Liam's hernia repaired. It was a very long day but we couldn't have been more pleased with the care and treatment we received! Liam was an absolute rock star - we were a bit nervous about the whole no eating thing but he did great (in fact he pretty much slept the entire day away, although he used the pacifier the whole time too) the anesthesiologist even mentioned that he was smiling at her when she took him back. The surgery total took about an hour and a half (they repaired both sides) but we were required to stay for 4 hours after he woke up to make sure there were no side effects from the anesthesia. With those 4 hours and all the prep time, we officially were at the hospital ALL day! He is healing wonderfully - just 2 little scars on each side of his groin - and required very little pain medicine.
Arrived at the hospital a…