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The joys of being a mom

I can't express how much I love being a mom! The joys, even struggles, add up to something amazing and immeasurable. It drives me crazy how quickly Callie is growing up - she's learning new things quicker than ever, we truly have a sense of her strong and determined personality. I am excited about what's to come but every once in awhile need to remind myself to take everything in because it changes so quickly.

Some recent events have made me remember how important it is to remember everything and tell all around me that I love them. So, this post is more for Callie than anyone....

My new favorite thing about Callie is that she has realized she can now make Preston and I laugh with one little thing she says or does and she thinks it is great! The joy I see on her face when she realizes that she is the reason we are smiling and laughing is adorable. It then leads her to her super contagious silly belly laugh.

Here's some other new things:

She knows all of her abcs.....