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This year, for Thanksgiving we had the opportunity to do it at our house. It was so nice not to have to pack up the car and head out. Preston cooked his first turkey and we had a great time drinking Old Fashions and fighting our way through the 50 lb newspaper ads. It was wonderful having Katy and Kristine come and help us celebrate the holiday with us!
The turkey officially weighed more than Callie. Preston claimed it was the smallest turkey he could find - really?!

Callie was a bit overwhelmed by the competition! Hanging out with Aunt Kristine

New Routine or Just a Tease?!

So Callie is a very easy one to put to bed - always has been. We put her to bed anywhere between 7:15 and 7:30 in the evening and if we catch her right it takes only about 10 minutes of rocking and she is asleep. Normally we have the occasional pacifier pop-back-ins (normally its about 3, it's funny, never more than that - I think 3 is what it takes for her to know we are serious and it's bedtime) and then she gets up around 4 for a feeding then back down until 7:30 or 8. The last two nights, we didn't hear a peep (besides the pacifier pop-ins) ALL night! Next thing I know, I look at the clock and its:
WAY TO GO GIRL! She slept the whole night for us! I am hoping this is her new routine and not just a tease for mommy!
She has officially found her voice, so we get to wake up in the morning to an extremely smiley, talking, happy girl!

New Friends

So Callie and I joined a local PEPs group that meets once a week. Here's a pic of all of Callie's new friends - I have to say, not a bad picture for a bunch of infants! The funny thing is Callie just sat there the whole time, happy as a clam, while all the other babies were squirming and moving around. In fact, once all the other babies were picked up, her and Audrey (2 babies over) just sat there waiting for more pictures!

3 Months!

Holy cow! I can't believe that she is three months old already! Time really seems to fly - I am already dreading going back to work....

Here's some updates (not too much has changed since last month):
We didn't have a doctor's appointment this month so I have no idea how much she weighs or what her stats are, so let's just say - she's getting heavier, longer, and chubbier (does that work?) (this shows how long she really is!) She has started to control her arms and hands and can now reach and grab for toys on purpose. She has started grabbing onto toys and moving them to her mouth so she can suck on themShe smiles a lot - especially in the morning and if she is well rested!She hasn't laughed yet, but she REALLY wants to - right now you see the huge smile and you hear something that kind of sounds like a coughShe continues to be a fabulous sleeper - not the best napper but I would take a night time sleeper over a napper anydayBy far, she prefers to be sitting up…


So, Callie had this adorable, cute, girlie ladybug costume to wear for Halloween. BUT we realized there was no way she was going to fit into it - she is still a bit small so we had a "make it work" moment (hopefully there are other Project Runway fans out there!) and she was.....
A HUNTER (ah, such a proud momma)
This was her pre party outfit - I didn't make her wear the hunter outfit all day!
We had a great first Halloween with Callie - too bad she didn't really know what was going on :-)
Clara was not too fond of her pea pod costume - didn't last too long....what a bunch of cuties!