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Callie has learned to recognize and spell her own name! Way to go girl!!!

Family Pictures

I'm realizing how far behind I am on the blog....oops! Sorry!
After Thanksgiving we had a friend of mine do some family pictures for is some of my favorites!

The Holiday Season

This holiday season has been a bit of a blur....enjoying as much family time as possible! Since I have been so behind, this post might be a bit longer than normal.....stick with me.
We kept ourselves very busy through the whole month of December. I tried very hard to be super organized (somewhat successfully) and did an activity advent calendar with Callie this year. Each day we did something special - from a picnic dinner in front of the Christmas tree to playing in the snow with our cousins!

We ended up searching for trees on the coldest day ever.....when we left the house, it was 18 degrees. I'm not sure who complained more.....Callie or Preston! I think they both wanted to just cut the first tree down that we saw but I refused! Callie decided to cooperate with the promise of hot chocolate, it took Preston a bit more to agree.

We then headed to the local zoo to feed the reindeer some apples. Callie LOVED this! She threw those apples to every single reindeer that she saw. 

We di…