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Dallas, "Camping", and New Carpet!

It seems that Preston and I have had a VERY busy month.

Preston spent about a week in Dallas visiting family and enjoying the heat - ha! He got to spend some quality time with his grandmother, aunt/uncle, and cousisns. I am very sad that I missed the trip but there is something about delivering a baby on an airplane that is really not very appealing to me.
 Holden and Molly  Can you tell if they're related??  So I hear, when the sun comes out (haven't seen much of it in Seattle this summer - in fact, is it even summer?!), you get to see some amazing sunsets Cousins Micah, Hope, Mary, and Mia.  Dad and Cousin Anna
Aunt Vicky, Uncle Jim, Grandmother Graham, Preston
Preston and Grandmother Graham.  Only 96 years young!! 
This year, for our annual girls camping trip - I was able to talk the ladies (although, I have to say, it didn't take much convincing) into renting a cabin. We spent a few days up at Lake Kachess and although the weather didn't fully cooperate - none of us we…

Patiently Waiting.....

We are officially on the homestretch with about 3 weeks to go. There has been much discussion about when our little one should come into the world - Trish would like her to be a week early (she flies back to Switzerland before our due date), my parents would like her to be on time (they are out of town the whole week before I'm due), and baby Clara and Laurel just want her to show up.......
37 weeks