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Forward Movement

We officially can crawl forward which she gets very excited about. Seems that knocking down blocks is enough of a motivation for her! Seems we surpassed the army crawl and went right to regular crawling (although that might change when she realizes that army crawl can get her places a bit quicker).

7 Months

This month seemed to have flown by just as quickly as all the others. It's crazy to think she has been part of our family for seven months already.

We have had our first real battle (and are still battling) with a never ending cold. She has been a trooper though - although I wish that we could do more to help her.
Here's what is new (things have moved very quickly this month):
She is up on all fours. She seems to be taking after her cousin Clara, where she can crawl backwards but not yet forwards - which can be very frustrating as the toy she is trying to get to seems to just keep getting farther and farther away. After she learned to get up on all fours, she very quickly learned to go from all fours to sitting. We have yet to find any real foods that she will turn down, although green beans appears to be her favorite so far. When feeding her green beans she will lean forward VERY far and open her mouth as wide as can be just to get the next bite. We can't seem to get it to h…

Short Long Weekend

Preston decided to head up to Hoodsport for the long weekend (we made our own long weekend by taking Friday off) and  my mom and I decided to steal Maya and head down to meet my dad in Sun River. It was a lot of driving BUT a lot of relaxing - although one of us decided they didn't really want to sleep there - which then, of course, caused the other not to sleep.
Callie had an amazing time with Grandma and Grandpa's undivided attention and LOVED having Maya with her. It was so much fun to watch Maya interact with Callie - she is an amazing, caring, and silly little girl. One of my favorite parts of the weekend happened when Callie and Maya were eating dinner. Maya was a little distracted from eating (I know, big surprise!) and was playing with Grandma's phone case. She was driving it around the table like a car, and I am not sure why, but Callie found it SO funny! Every time it came close to her, she would giggle, which would cause Maya to giggle and then the cycle contin…

I try very hard....

I try very hard to live in the moment with Callie but often find myself occupied with other thoughts. But then I wlll have moments where she and I will be cuddling on the couch, sitting across from each other on the ground or having a rolling race across the living room floor, where everything catches up with me and I realize how truly blessed I am to have such an amazing family! Callie has been such a wonderful blessing that always seems to catch me by surprise.
I love how she prefers a waterbottle, washcloth, or bottle lid over any toyI love how she always wakes up with a smile and the kicking of her feet, no matter how short or long it has beenI love how we can be sitting in the car and out of nowhere she starts giggling to herselfI love how, no matter what she is doing, when she hears the key in the front door she stops and watches and starts smiling for dad (me too!)I love how she flirts with some people and is wary of othersI love how when you put her on a big bed she breaks out…