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Getting growy

Now that Liam has arrived, it's becoming more and more obvious how big and mature Callie is! I keep telling her that she needs to stop getting so big.....her response? "No, I want to get growy like you so I can open the blinds and drive all by myself!"......hmmm, not quite ready for that!
But this weekend was a BIG weekend for Callie, Saturday I was feeding Liam and Callie was changing her babies when she ran off to the bathroom. After a couple minutes Preston ran to check on her and we found that she decided she was done with her pacifier and was throwing it into the trash (we had previously gotten rid of it until we found out she was afraid of the dark, and on our pediatrician's advice, gave it back to her after a month of no sleep). We went with it and Saturday she had her first pacifier free was rough! Unfortunately Preston had to deal with the brunt of it, as I was up with Liam. Not much sleep in the graham house! We were motivated though.....Sunda…

One Month Old

Wow! Time flies......quickly!

Liam is one month old now. We don't go back to the doctor until he is 2 months, but it is safe to say he is growing! At 10 days old he was back to his birth weight, and his jaundice went away quite quickly. He is a much better eater than his sister and I am terrified to try a bottle with him! I am scared he's going to learn how much easier a bottle is than breast feeding and prefer the bottle like his sister did. He feeds quite often - his days mainly consist of eating and sleeping with 30-40 minutes of awake time every once in a while. He is a VERY noisy sleeper - lots of squeaks, grunts, and cries while he sleeps. He is maybe not the best sleeper (especially compared to Callie) - I tend to get a 4 hour stretch in the middle of the night and then he is ready to eat every 2 - 3 hours (I am a bit tired these days). It is very safe to say that he HATES getting his diaper changed, not my favorite time of the day either! :-) He is very strong and, alt…

A PJ kind of day!

William Connor Graham

Well, life has officially changed for the Graham household. We are no longer a flexible family of three; we are now a "planning required" family of four.

Monday, February 17th we welcomed William Connor Graham to our family. This pregnancy was very different from Callie's from the beginning and the labor proved no different. Liam came with no complications and required only a 24 hour stay at the hospital. Things went very quickly with the delivery (I was very happy I opted to get the epidural when I did) and although he did not enjoy the labor (his heart rate would drop pretty drastically with each contraction) we were able to avoid a C section or any other helpful means. He was born at 2:16 p.m., weighed a very healthy 7 pounds 6 ounces, and was 20 inches long. Despite having a little bit of jaundice, he is overall a very healthy boy. Much different from his sister, Liam has been a great eater and sleeper - at 10 days he is back to his birth weight and sleeping most of…