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Up on all fours and happy about it!!

Sunday Callie decided that she wanted to figure out how to get up on all fours - didn't take her long to figure it out. It is pretty funny because she is VERY proud of herself and once she gets up, she just sits there and rocks back and forth - she can't quite figure out why she isn't moving. 

Excuse the bib - we are in a bit of a drooling stage!
She has been sick for the last few weeks but for the most part has been a pretty happy kid about it. I am hoping she is starting to feel better - today she had a VERY smiley and happy day.

Rolling and Reading

Callie rolls ALL over the place!!! One of her favorite places to end up is her bookshelf.

Look what I found!
As a side note, it looks like one of our cats is finally accepting that Callie is part of the family (or atleast, she isn't going anywhere) and has become very tolerant of her. She lets Callie "pet" her and will even walk up to Callie (which, if you know this cat, is VERY unusual - there are some people who still have never seen her). The other day when I was getting Callie from her nap this was outside her door. Apparently the cat loves Callie enough to bring her toys.

6 Months

It seems that she has aged much more than just a month this time - so many new things to say about her....first I need to show my first attempt at a 6 month photo (a look can tell someone so much):
You're kidding mom! You want me to take a picture right after I got 3 shots!!! Okay, I hear you!
New stats on our bug: We are now as big as our 10 month old cousin (sorry Laurel!) and officially will be too big for our car seat in 2 inches. She weighs 17 lb 3 oz (73 percentile) and is 27 inches long (89 percentile). She can now sit up by herself (although with MANY pillows surrounding her, as we are still a bit wobbly). She can roll over both ways and has found it a very effective way to get to her toys or to where mom and dad are. When on her tummy, she can rotate 360 degrees to see or grab at anything she wants to (I know, time to do some child proofing). I think she has invented a new way to crawl. She can get ANYWHERE she wants on her back, she just lifts her butt up (so all of her weight …

How is it possible to grow up SO fast?!