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6 Months

It seems that she has aged much more than just a month this time - so many new things to say about her....first I need to show my first attempt at a 6 month photo (a look can tell someone so much):
You're kidding mom! You want me to take a picture right after I got 3 shots!!! Okay, I hear you!

New stats on our bug:
  • We are now as big as our 10 month old cousin (sorry Laurel!) and officially will be too big for our car seat in 2 inches. She weighs 17 lb 3 oz (73 percentile) and is 27 inches long (89 percentile).
  • She can now sit up by herself (although with MANY pillows surrounding her, as we are still a bit wobbly).
  • She can roll over both ways and has found it a very effective way to get to her toys or to where mom and dad are.
  • When on her tummy, she can rotate 360 degrees to see or grab at anything she wants to (I know, time to do some child proofing).
  • I think she has invented a new way to crawl. She can get ANYWHERE she wants on her back, she just lifts her butt up (so all of her weight is on her head and feet) and pushes. It doesn't appear very comfortable to me but she seems to love it.
  • She has learned that she now has the right to refuse things......I'm not super excited about this one, as she seems to want to exercise this right when we are eating. She no longer is a good eater - no matter how hungry she appears to be or how long it has been since her last feeding, we are often fighting her to eat (a concept I just don't understand - why would anyone refuse to eat? Maybe I need to take notes from her - ha!).
  • She has started solids and seems to love avocado and sweet potatoes best (although, she could like more, as the point above shows).
  • She appears to be much less shy around people. The other day we were standing in line at the store and I realize she is giggling and smiling away at the person behind us in line.
  • She now has very clear likes: she likes to be read to, she LOVES music (especially when daddy sings - I don't take offense), she loves ceiling fans (I know, weird), she loves to be outside (looking forward to some good weather soon)
  • She is now old enough to go to story time at the local library and she just gets a kick out of it!
  • Callie seems to have embraced daycare and does fantastic, although they do call her their resident insomniac - good news though, she is (for the most part) in a good mood about it.
  • She continues to be an observer - watching EVERYTHING around her!
  • She knows how to let you know when you are doing something that she doesn't like - don't take away a toy unless you are sure she is finished with it! :-)
  • She seems to have a love for animals. No matter what is going on, playing, crying, eating, if the cat walks into the room she immediately stops what she is doing. The cat also seems to be liking Callie and now comes over to be "pet" by her. They have a pond near their daycare and Miss Amy (her teacher) says that Callie loves the ducks and would watch them all day if they let her.

Sitting all by herself

Yum! Avocado!

Food all over

Here's her new way of crawling

I forgot to mention, so her favorite thing about solid foods doesn't appear to be the food yet, but instead it is the washing of the face after eating. I don't really want to tell her that a washcloth isn't a really fun toy but if I did, I don't think she'd believe me anyways.


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We had amazing weather for Mother's Day weekend and tried to enjoy every minute of the summer.

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Before the race. Shirts are still white and hair is still normal color. We ran with one of Callie's good friends and her mom. 
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