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5 Months!

Our little man is growing up so quickly!

He is growing super fast! All of a sudden he has chunky thighs and an even chunkier chin. Apparently he is trying to grow into his head :-)He has decided that feeding would be better with a bottle and has decided that breastfeeding is too much work. And he has also decided to no longer sleep through the night - and gets up twice to either eat or just get snuggles! The snuggles are nice but I'd sure like to get a good night's sleep!We have had a series of very hot days which has caused our house to be extremely hot at night. Which then caused one little boy to get to sleep naked - no jammies and no swaddle. Therefore, he no longer sleeps with a swaddle (which has also not helped the sleeping). 
Liam can now roll from his back to his stomach but refuses to roll from his stomach to his back. He now sleeps on his side/stomach.  He loves being outside and around other people. He seems to be a bit of a ham - enjoys the attention. He is a very ea…

Fourth of July Weekend

We just came back from an amazing, relaxing weekend at our cabin for Hoodsport. The perks of not working came into play and the kids and I went a day early (to avoid traffic) and left a day late for the same reason! It was so nice not having to be back for anything and to have no rush to do anything.
We enjoyed some amazing weather, friends and family!
We headed down to the lake to swim in the freezing cold water!

Two buddies (bucket head buddies)
The kiddos swimming (and freezing)

Showing off their strong muscles before bed
Getting ready for the fireworks.  Callie has developed a big sensitivity to loud noises (the garbage trucks, etc) and was not a fan of the fireworks at all. Even with ear plugs she was terrified so she and I watched the fireworks from inside. 
Trying out some sparklers

Liam playing with the boys
Taco night!

Liam's new buddy (Wyatt) playing peek a boo with him
The kids talked granddad into reading Curious George over and over and over