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The last of our summer vacation

Well, this summer has flown by. I did my best to keep the kiddos active but also reveled in our "stay home and do nothing" days. We did a lot of hiking, a lot of swimming, and a lot of park dates. I love summer and am sad to see it coming to an end.

Callie has been asking all year to go see Mt. Rainier and decided that it was worth the drive to see it in all of its glory. It's safe to say that she loved every minute of it and was awed by its beauty. I was proud of both kiddos - it was not the easiest hike, mainly do to the fact that is was extremely hot and very little cover. Hands down, one of my favorite hikes that I've done with the kiddos so far.
These views were constant through the whole hike. We also go to enjoy the wildflowers (and the mosquitoes)
Callie was amazing - she was hot but never wanted to stop. We told each other stories the whole time which made it very fun for her. Liam was a trooper (especially since he had to miss his nap). He walked about 2.5 …


Callie has been looking forward to turning five for a very long time. I have not known anyone else more excited for her birthday than this little girl. For her, five is a year of new things and changes. Five means kindergarten, girl scouts, and much, much more.

She continues to our creative little girl. She has a thrill for life that I wish I could bottle up and keep for myself. She loves learning and is very excited about starting kindergarten. This year, she has worked very hard on learning how to read and has come very, very far. She is now reading books to us and her brother constantly. She loves the freedom of being able to read whenever and not having to wait for mom and dad to read to her. She loves to be outside and moving. We have decided that we need to get her in some rock climbing classes because she is a bit of a monkey and tries to climb over everything. 
Here's this years interview: How old are you? 5What is your favorite thing to do? dress upWhat is your favorite co…