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Children's Museum

So Lindsey and I were missing our weekly Saturday get togethers and Blake and Callie were missing their weekly play date so we decided to head to Tacoma to check out the children's museum. Besides parking a million miles away...and totally up hill (and no, I am not exaggerating)....and walking through a complete down pour, the kids had a blast. The highlight was by far the slide, although we didn't get any pictures of that (Lindsey had to be at the top of the slide and I had to catch them - it was a fast moving slide!). It was very fun to see Taylor in her element which allowed Lindsey and I to chase around Blake and Callie. I didn't get many good pictures - every picture I took had either Callie, Blake, or Taylor moving. Here's what I could catch. Besides the slide, Callie's favorite was the water table (plus they stayed still at the water table - ha!).
She doesn't look super happy but I promise she had a blast!
Lindsey was smart enough to bring extra clothes …


Callie is an absolute love - she gives the absolute best hugs, she is always concerned when another kid is crying, and her giggle can light up your whole day. She is also a bit of a kook - I think she takes after her dad. Here's some documentation (that I know she will eventually kill me for posting):
Look very closely - first it is November and she is wearing Santa pajamas (okay, that is my fault), two different shoes - one boot and one running shoe (NOT my fault, she pulls her shoes out of her basket and brings them to me. I've finally given in to just putting them on when she asks - not a battle that's worth fighting), and she is sitting on her new obsession, the potty.
She LOVES to do this, over and over and over and after day after day.....

Thanksgiving Weekend

This weekend was a perfect weekend! Full of family, football, and food. It's been a while since I have posted so this post is going to include a lot!
This weekend started off with a lovely time with family at the Knowles household. It was wonderful and chaotic all at once.
We decided to head over early to hang out with Grandma and Grandpa before all the cousins made it. Callie got there early enough to help grandpa stuff the turkey - a bit timid at first but then "helped" grandpa put the stuffing into the piece at a time...very helpful
Clara is an adorable little girl full of silly facial expressions - here's one 
And another.... 
Hanging with our cousin Clara 
Coloring with Laurel
Callie gets very focused when she is coloring 
Reading books with Grandpa - a much needed down time
Next, we headed over to our place in Hoodsport for some much needed R and R. The apple cup was on Friday. We, of course, had to show our school spirit.  Doing some window stick…


This year we headed over to Amy's to celebrate Halloween. She has the perfect neighborhood for trick or treating. Callie loved being around all the other kids and was very content to be outside walking around. I didn't take her up to the houses at the beginning but she started to complain when all the other kids were leaving her. She she started up to the houses with the other kids - although she had some pretty weird looks for the people who were trying to give her candy - needless to say - very happy we didn't come home with any candy. Overall it was a pretty good night, diaper rash and all! (She just recently found a love for oranges, and I didn't think too much about giving her them everyday that is until she came home from daycare on Halloween with raging diaper rash. A bit whiny that night, but really, who wouldn't be?!)
I forgot my camera, so Shauna ended up being the photographer for the night - sorry forgot to tell you Shauna!
Callie's favorite books a…