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Snow! Snow! Snow! (Ice!)

We got our first snow of the year (hopefully the only snow....). It was beautiful, started out like this:

Callie was pretty intrigued by the snow
And after a few inches of snow, a little bit of melting, it ended up like this:
Just imagine - this much ice just on the car window.....didn't make for much driving for a few days and tons of power outages (luckily, we kept ours the whole time)

And They All Rolled Over....

She has figured it out! After many weeks of trying, frustration...she can roll over! (and does it ALL the time). It has added a new (fun) element to diaper changes! (Sorry about her outfit, she is sporting her Harley t-shirt, Swiss socks, oh - and no pants - it's too bad I can't blame that outfit on Preston.....oops!)
Our tired little girl - I gotta say, I'll take this kind of tired over, cranky tired any day!

5 Months

I say it again, wow, time really flies!!
Callie is now 5 months and in the last 2 weeks we have had some big changes. I am now back to work - very bittersweet (sad to be not spending all my time with Callie, but happy to be back with the kids at school) and Callie is in daycare. Preston and I were expecting a few days of adjustment with Callie but she surprised us once again. Her first day of daycare and it was like she had always been going - we had no hiccup in behavior, sleeping, or anything (makes going back to work much better!).
Here's an update on our bug:

She can't quite decide whether or not she wants to sleep all the way through the night, so at this point in time, she gets up at a very awkward time (5:00) - tough to put back to sleep but I am not willing to get up for the day at that time!She is getting stronger every day and can now lift her chest off the ground when doing tummy time. She can sit on her own (with tons of pillows around her) for a bit before she topp…

Have a I mentioned?

We have officially found our voice (we found it a long time ago, but now, we officially know how loud it is) - this is how she tells us she is tired

Oh, and we have found our feet!
In case you were wondering - yes, she can put them in her mouth! Makes changing a diaper much more exciting - ha!