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How am I ever going to be able to say no to this face?

10 Months

So, I am a bit behind. It is officially the end of the school year and I am feeling a bit overwhelmed with learning the new job and the close of the school year. Much different from the classroom. When I took Callie in for her nine month appointment her pediatrician checked her ears (which looked totally fine) then made the comment - I don't mean to jinx you but has Callie had an ear infection yet? To which my response was no (she had a super mild one that they gave us medicine for just because we were getting on a plane to Pitt) - in my mind, my response was "no, but we have had everything else imaginable"!
The newest thing: last Friday when Callie got up for the day, her eyes were swollen shut. Turns out she had pink eye which was no fun. Many rough nights later she seems to finally be getting back to her happy go lucky self.

Here are the newest things about Callie:
She continues to get quicker walking with a push toy. Her teachers love watching her outside at daycare…


Rachel and I took advantage of the one nice day we had this week and took the kids to the zoo. It was a blast! I think Callie could have sat and watched the penguins all day and her and Wyatt loved the gorilla (we got lucky and he was sitting right by the window eating). I think we had three tired kiddos that all had a very good night sleep!
She was a bit nervous to put her hand on the glass with the water - don't think she quite understood what was going on but once she figured it out she was SO happy!
She stood here and watched them for a very long time. Wyatt and Eli went and played on the ship and she just stood there (I don't think she even knew the boys left) Checking out the monkeys
Wyatt and Callie seem to like each other quite a bit - Callie just smiles around him and Wyatt can't help but smile back
More penguins!

Mud Run

A few weeks ago Shauna, Amy, and I participated in the survivor mud run. It was super fun and extremely messy!
(Shauna - stole the pic, sorry!)
So, Preston has Callie all morning that day and that afternoon I get an email from him. Here's what happens when we let daddy dress Callie: Quick glance - not too bad but look a bit closer......pants are super small (he claims they are supposed to be that small) and yes, her shirt is on backwards!