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I love..... Callie can make her brother laugh!

First Day of Preschool!

If you can't tell, she is very excited!

Labor Day Weekend

Well, someone (me) had this crazy idea to spend Labor day weekend camping. Any other year but this one, it would have been a great idea. This year, it decided to rain the whole time! Let's just say....the kids had fun (the adults not so much). We ended up packing up very wet gear and leaving a day early. I think Saturday night everyone was in bed by 9 - ha! Besides the extremely wet weather, the kids had a blast and we might (just might) try it some other time!
The kids ran around, played games, and even went swimming (in the rainy weather)!

How do you pack a whole weekend worth of things into the car? You cram! Callie and Liam were squeezed into the car as tight as possible!

Snuggles with Grandma. Liam did not sleep great the first night and required some extra love during naps, grandma was more than happy to help!
How do you camp in the rain? You make your own shelter and then don't venture out unless you (or a child) has to use the bathroom
Despite the weather, we made some…

A Weekend at the Cabin

We headed to our cabin a few weekends ago and stopped on the way at the Children's museum! So fun!
Katy and Callie building their 'sandbox'
Liam loved this room! Little balls and scarves would go through the tubes and fly out at him! He thought it was hilarious. 

She even talked Dennis into climbing up to the eagle's nest
Liam found some things to play with as well. 
Painting the house they built
Trying to catch her purple balls and scarves.
Family shot
Playing with Nana

6 Months

Eek! I'm a bit behind on this post!
Well, Liam is officially 6 months old - can you believe it?! He is an absolutely happy, excited, lovable little boy!
We are teething right now so our finger are CONSTANTLY in our mouth. I tried really hard to keep pulling them out and could never get him to keep them out of his mouth!
I had to include this picture, it is not a great picture but it truly captures how much Liam looks up to his sister! Ha!
Our little boy had made some huge changes this month: He has grown a tremendous amount this month and weights almost 20 pounds (19 pounds 17 ounces - WOW!), He has very chunky thighs - so cute!He picks his whole belly up during tummy time and if you catch him at the right time, he can somewhat pick his booty up. He can rotate 360 degrees on his belly. Pretty much wherever his sister is in the room, he is facing!He can now roll both directions and will move himself all over the room (especially to get to a particular toy). He has gotten a bit of to…