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These Two

Have I mentioned that these two really love each other?!

The Holiday Season

Here we go.....I'm a bit behind on my updates here.
This holiday season has been a blast. We ran out of time to do some of our usual things (like seeing the lights and feeding the reindeer) but we added a trip to Portland to visit Gram, Barbe, and Rick and a couple other things. We spent the season hiking, playing at the cabin, baking cookies (which, of course, I didn't take any pictures of), playing games, and just overall enjoying each other.
We started the season celebrating the winter break with a fun trip to a playground and Starbucks. Liam had his first cupcake pop; safe to say he enjoyed it. :)

I love that he won't take his eyes off it...
We spent a weekend at Aunt Barbe and Uncle Rick's house in Portland. We visited the local children's museum, played trucks and princesses, and snuggled up for the weekend. 

The kids had a blast and loved seeing and snuggling up with Gram! So glad she is now so close by!
In December, the kids were free for Northwest Trek. I&…