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Memorial Day rest stop

We recently headed down to the cabin for Memorial Day weekend. We celebrated some amazing friends' birthdays and enjoyed some 'quiet' (as quiet as 5 kids can be) family time. The kids and I headed down early on Friday and were sure to stop at the children's museum to stretch our legs.

This was a lot of fun for Liam (and a lot of stress for me...we all ended up with paint splatters on us even with the protective clothes)
Driving the police car
Callie taking the ambulance for a spin 
They have a little store - Callie pretended to be the girl ringing up all the groceries....
....and Liam shopped :)
Super cool branch houses/maze outside. We were sure to play the 3 little pigs out there :)
Little worker Liam
Painting the treehouse....I'm going to try not to think about how dirty that paintbrush is that he has in his mouth....

Memorial Day Weekend

We just spent an amazing weekend at the cabin over Memorial Day weekend. Pete turned 40 this month and what better way to celebrate than with a relaxing weekend away. It was a weekend full of smiles, laughter, and fun. We headed down to the beach a couple times to find crabs and other sea creatures. We went for a nice 'hike' - we walked much farther than I expected we would with 5 kids. And played, played, and played.....oh yeah, and there were marshmallows :)
Eli and Preston were in charge of the fire....Eli took the job very seriously and made us signs directing us to where the fire was :)
Pete reading to our kiddos
My little hiker
Ha! He looks thrilled doesn't he :)
These 2 were inseparable....They are so cute together! Everywhere they went they held hands. They even were sure that the games they played included what each other liked. Iron man and Captain America played quite well with Elsa and Anna. 
Cale 'fishing' in a muddy puddle
 It's rare to find such …

The start of summer

We have been blessed these last couple of days with some gorgeous (and hot) weather. We have taken full advantage of it and have been outside as much as we possibly can! Liam loves running around and chasing his sister and Callie loves having him 'get' her.
One especially hot day, we broke out the sprinkler and popsicles (a must in any 'Knowles' household). I think its safe to say that Liam likes them :)

Any excuse to be naked :)

Church Dedication

Mother's Day weekend we decided to have Liam and Callie dedicated at our church. It was a decision that took us some time to be ready to do and that we didn't want to take lightly. As he and I have grown in our faith we decided that it was time. We pray everyday that they grow up knowing God and serving him and others around them.