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And he's on the move!!

Crawling has now become a new step for Liam. After many, many weeks of being up on all fours and rocking, he's finally put together the arm and leg movements. Callie has been great, especially since he goes right for her toys, and she, so far, hasn't minded too much.

Being a baby is exhausting!!

I'll always remember the moment when I was picking Callie up from day care one time when she was 7 or 8 months old and I watched one of the other babies rolling around and playing. About 5 minutes later, I looked over at the same kid and she was fast asleep - from playing to sleeping instantly. I was amazed and couldn't believe that a kid could do that.'s some evidence that is it totally possible!

A couple outings...

Before Callie started preschool we tried to get a couple outings in before our schedule blew up.
We headed out to a local farm to enjoy some animals and some late summer sun.

Checking out the cow

This next set of pictures is my favorite: (trying to get a picture....)

The best we could get :-)

Daddy and Liam

Riding the pony
Petting some goats and rabbits
I took the kids to the zoo on a quiet Friday and we had a blast! Anyone who knows Callie, knows that she LOVES bears! We always pretend to go on bear hunts and chase each other around the house roaring like bears. So you understand how awesome these first 2 pictures are. I've never seen the bears up close and when we got there they were right there and we spent about 30 minutes watching them play and swim!
Getting bear kisses

Ready to go!

7 Months

Oops, a bit late on this one! We have had a busy schedule lately.....I thought it was supposed to be easier now that I'm not working....ha! Liam has been adjusting to Callie's new schedule - preschool, swim lessons, soccer practice and much more. Soon it's time for me to start doing things just for Liam!
Here's my big guy at seven months:
(so stinkin' cute!!)
He is getting bigger and bigger and bigger. Weighing in around 20 pounds he is getting close to transitioning to a big boy car seat! How fast time flies!He can totally sit all by himself and totally prefers to be sitting more than anything else. We have no movement - doesn't seem to be too motivated to crawl yet. He will try to get a toy out of reach and then just give up when he realizes he can't reach it. He can get up on all fours now and will rock back and forth but can't quite figure out how to move his arms to crawl. His sleep continues to be extremely erratic. Some nights are great and some n…