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Big Steps

As I mentioned, Callie has turned into a fish this summer and today she made some huge gains! She decided that today was the day she was going to go! In order to really understand what a major accomplishment this is, you need to understand how truly terrified she was to go under the water....she can't stand getting water in her face in the bath and would freak out anytime I would tell her that we were going to swim lessons that night (asking when she woke up to when we were driving to swim lessons if we needed to go under). Today, without any prompting from the teacher, Callie decided to do it.....and wouldn't stop! I would have missed it had a not been paying attention! I love that the teacher is no where near her talking her into it! I guess when she sets her mind to something, there's no stopping her!

In this video, the teacher threw a diving stick down and Callie had to go under to get it.

Practicing her reaching and pulling:

Circus Fun

I have been trying very hard this summer to take advantage of any and all local events - one of the fun things we went to was a small circus show. The show was put on by the Wenatchee youth circus. It was so amazing to see a bunch of kids perform these crazy circus stunts - it was fun for Callie to see kids doing the trapeze and other amazing things. Although she scared me a bit when she told me she wanted to go back the next day and be part of the!

She loved it so much (she stayed for the whole show - which I was very surprised at) for some of the show, she had trouble sitting she was so excited!
Ha! Liam loved the show too :-) (I loved the snuggles!)

We started with front row seats (although I got very tired explaining to her why she needed to stay behind the white line) but it ended up being too loud (the music) and we moved back a bit

Our Little Fish

Callie has become a fish this summer and I have taken advantage of every hot opportunity (and we have had a lot of sun this summer!) to go to the local lakes and pools to swim. Liam has not been a huge fan of the water yet but we keep trying (that's why there's not any pictures of him swimming - they are the friendlist pictures). 

If you look closely Bennett is jumping off the high dock

We had to start swim lessons with me in the pool this summer because she wasn't yet 3, but she is now in swim lesson by herself (which she loves). I think it has done her good not having me in the pool and will now do a bob underwater totally by herself. (I don't have any pictures of her swimming independently)

3 Years Old!

I can't believe my little girl is now three years old! Wow, time flies! Many exciting things have been happening with her - she has officially stopped going to day care and will be starting a preschool closer to home. She will be going 3 days a week (mornings) with kids in our neighborhood and many from our church. She is excited and has bought a new big girl back pack and is always asking when she gets to start Miss Tammy's.

I am continuing to use this for her baby book, so here's some new things about her: She is SOOOO creative! I love her imagination! She can make up stories, songs, words, anything. She loves to play with her babies (she calls herself a small mommy and gets mad if you tell her she is not a mommy) and will spend hours making them do circle time with them, reading them stories, dressing them, or putting diapers on them. She loves to ask questions. About anything and everything. She can spend a whole drive asking questions - one 45 minute car ride consisted…

Princess Tea Party

I am a bit behind on posts this summer which, I guess, is good and means we have been very busy! We have stayed busy with lots of play dates, swim lessons, and other outings. Hopefully, I will get the blog caught up!
Recently we went to a princess tea party at our church. It was a lot of fun - fancy food, good stories, and lots of crafts for the kids. Always good to take Callie away for a bit and give her some one on one time!
The gang with all their completed crafts!
I love this little girl so much!
Goofy glasses for the princess