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Lobster Fest 2011

Growing up, many of my most fond memories were during our neighborhood lobster parties! The tradition continues.....We had guests coming from Arizona, Oregon and, of course, the lobsters travel the farthest! Here are some highlights from last weekend's celebration:

The men, obviously working very hard to cook the lobster!

Yum! Who's ready to eat?!

Truly, the greatest thing about lobster parties is to be able to spend time with family and friends! 

Okay, I officially win! Not much of a contest anymore.......1 1/2 months left and counting!

Here's the 2 newest additions to our family: Clara and Laurel!
Now, that I have been put in charge of updating our blog (I am truly trying....I promise) I am realizing that I need to start taking the camera out of Preston's hand - too many pictures of me and not enough of him! Glad my mom took pictures too!

First Family Picture

Preston and I had the opportunity to spend last weekend down in Vancouver and what a wonderful weekend it was! We truly appreciate everything that was done for us and enjoyed every minute with great friends and family.
We took the opportunity to take this first "family" picture:

A glimpse into my future perhaps?!

Preston and I have had to work around some pretty big decisions lately. One of the biggest being, what I plan to do next year for work....amazingly, things are seeming to work out! (whoever said that procrastination was a bad thing?). I have been offered a .5 position as a librarian.
Good news: I'll be at the same school, I'll know all the kids, I don't have share my classroom with anyone else, and I get to read and spread the enthusiasm of reading!
Bad news: there is none - although I refuse to believe that I will turn into the "traditional" librarian!