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Eleven Months!

Time continues to creep up quicker and quicker. Our little boy is now 11 months old with a lot of crazy and exciting changes.
He is getting closer and closer to walking. He has taken three or four steps together although it always seems to happen when he is distracted and wanting something. He is starting to recognize many words now - including hot, bye-bye, kiss, ball, sister, mom, dad, yucky, no, more, all done. He loves to give kisses to people and wave hello and good bye to people. He is getting very good at remembering things - if you say a cupboard is yucky, every time he goes back into the kitchen he will point to it and make his yucky sound. If you tell him something is hot, he point to it over and over and make his hot sign.  He loves the cats and will chase them all over the house. He will crawl around the house calling them and looking for them until he finds them hidden under the bed - ha!He is obsessed with putting things into other things. Blocks into a house, animals int…

Surgery #2

Hopefully we are officially done with all of this.....Liam had his second surgery to remove a dermoid cyst next to his eyebrow. The surgery went well - He had some trouble coming out of the anesthesia due to some gunk in his lungs but was all snuggles afterwards. Hoping his scar will fade a bit but giving it some time.
Waiting for the surgery - we were nervous a bit about how the whole 'no eating before surgery thing' was going to go but he was a rock star. There were some interesting things for him to look at and play with. The smiley face is where the cyst was. 
Waking up for the surgery
Bandage off and scar showing

Christmas 2014

These holidays were amazing! We spent 2 weeks playing, relaxing, and enjoying family. This year was very fun because Callie got very excited about Santa visiting and was amazed when he brought her exactly what she wanted. Liam was, of course, quite oblivious to the whole event, although was quite excited about the fact that there was a tree in our house with a never ending supply of shiny balls to play with :-)
We were very spoiled to have Preston spend a full week(ish) with us at home. We went on many adventures and enjoyed much time together.

We started December with our annual cookie decorating at the Knowles house. Liam and Preston stayed home, while Callie and I enjoyed some fun cousin/aunt/grandma time. Each year gets a bit easier and easier (and much more fun) with the kids.

I love this picture! It about sums up Callie's hysterical personality.
The gang

The day ended with some much needed quiet time with Grandma
We headed to the local fruit stand to pick out a tree this yea…