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Since we are officially one year old - I won't be posting updates every month but I will be trying to update when new things happen (especially since this is her baby book). She continues to amaze Preston and I - she is now in the toddler room which was a bit of a rough transition. We just have to keep telling ourselves that, by a long shot, she is the youngest one in there and we have to remember how frustrating that can be for her. This week was the first week that she seemed to be herself in there, we are very hopeful. She can now say bye-bye, more, cat, mom, dad, ball, water, and milk.
Now that I'm back to work, I'm realizing I'm not taking as many pictures as I was this summer but here's some randomness:
She loves corn on the cob and can totally eat it by herself. She has now started eating other foods that way as well including string cheese and nutrigrain bars (from the middle out)
The husky season has started! She looks a bit like a boy wearing her husky j…

Dancing Queen

Our little bug loves to dance - any music, anywhere. She got a ball popper for her birthday but she doesn't seem to like it for the balls. Instead she will walk over, push the button, and start dancing.....over and over and over!