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Holiday Season

What a wonderful first Christmas!!
Callie was spoiled rotten by her grandparents, great gram, and aunts and uncles - and she, of course, was in heaven. We had 3 days to celebrate Christmas - and all of them were packed full of family and smiles.
We started Christmas Eve off by heading to church - Callie was quite intrigued by the glow sticks that were handed out during the service, then Preston and I made our traditional Christmas Eve dinner - sushi - YUM!
We spent Christmas morning in our pjs and opened a few gifts. Then we headed down to see the Knowles side of the family. After a wonderful dinner of ham, we headed down to Vancouver to spend a few days with the Graham side of the family. A great time!

First present - she was a pro at opening it with her mouth
Hanging with Daddy in pjs
Cousin shot - Callie got to lounge on all the others
Presents sure are exhausting!
Callie's new favorite person So, Callie is normally VERY shy with people but the second she met Gram she was all smil…
Officially, one of my new favorite pictures!

Hanging with Grandpa

4 Months!


Well, Callie is officially four months old - amazing how quickly time can fly.
Here's some updates on our little bug:
She weighs in at 14 pounds (75 percentile) and is a whopping 26 in long (95 percentile)She has great control over her hands now. She purposely reaches for toys and put them in her mouth - she has just started grabbing her feet and rolling over on her side - can't quite make it all the way around but we are getting close!She smiles all the time (at least in settings she feels comfortable in) - she is a bit shy in new settings and just kind of looks around and tries to take it all in.She has just started giggling! SO EXCITING!She continues to be a great sleeper (don't worry Amy and Sarah, she still gets up once a night) and gets up once to eat. Although she continues to be a power napper - only napping for 20 - 30 minutes each time. Her legs are super strong - and now prefers to stand when in people's laps. Here's some recent pics of our wonderfu…

Tree Hunting 2011

So, this year, I was a bit overwhelmed by the idea of bundling Callie up and heading to the mountains to pick out the perfect tree.....we opted out of the mountain trip this year and headed to the nearest Christmas tree farm. Not much to complain about - free hot chocolate, mini train rides, and kettle corn - yet, it took a lot for Preston to decide to pay SO much for a tree! (it took him days to deal with the cost - in fact, I wouldn't be surprised if it comes up again!) Callie enjoyed it so much that she slept the entire time - o well....there's next year.
We ended up with a beautiful (cold) Seattle day. It doesn't get much better than this!
Clara all bundled up with Grandma
Cousins helping cousins find the perfect tree
Laurel was much more excited about the tree hunting than Callie
How much?!!!! For this?!!!!
Time to decorate the tree - Callie stayed up for the whole decortating time! Yay!
Is this what I do?
Cuddling with mommy
The finished product!