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Apparently it's hilarious to color on the walls....

Easter Weekend

We always seem to luck out with some great weather on Easter and this year, although a bit cold, the sun was shining.

Dying eggs was fun. Liam enjoyed watching the water change colors and then just tried to eat the eggs....

It was pretty serious work for Callie. She had to check her eggs periodically until they became 'just perfect'
We tried extremely hard to get a sibling picture but we had zero success....we tried! 

Ha. What a grumpy old man!


We had a three day weekend recently and from the advice of Sarah and Amy, we headed out to Seabrook, WA to enjoy some beach and pool time. Callie was a bit in heaven, she is a little fish and would have spent all day in the pool if we had let her. Liam....not so much into the pool, or the beach for that matter. Liam doesn't seem to share Callie's love for the water! We lucked out with some great weather - a bit cold but no rain! It was a wonderful weekend and a location we will be sure to head back to soon.
Our first day there was a perfect day for flying kites - a bit cold but very windy!
Liam seems a bit too cool for pictures lately - we can't seem to get him to look at the camera (without crying - ha.)

Building lots of sandcastles 

Enjoying the giant tree stump
Callie has made some big strides in swimming and she had an absolute blast in the pool with Preston
My little grumpy dinosaur watching everyone else swim :)
One of my favorite times of the day