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Spring Break

We ended up with amazing weather for spring break this year, and we tried to enjoy every moment of it. Callie, Liam and I lucked out by having Maya the whole week and we took her on as many adventures as possible. We hit the beach and splashed around in our clothes, we went to the children's museum, we went swimming and tried to hit as many parks as possible. Friday we were joined by Sarah and Laurel and they introduced us to some pretty cool tide pools. We saw an octopus, huge crabs, many starfish, and tons of other little creatures. Overall, an amazing spring break that makes me super excited for summer to start.

They were taking turns taking X-rays of each other. They loved being the doctor for the other. 
Serving up some pizza and drink for everyone
The ambulance was a big hit for Liam
They climbed to the top of the eagles nest
Liam loved this. He build a parachute out of coffee filters and then put it inside a tube full of wind. 

She has worn her Easter ears everyday since Ea…

Seabrook and Easter

The weekend before spring break we headed up to Seabrook for a long, relaxing weekend. It didn't quite start the way we planned but we adjusted and made the best of a crummy situation. On Easter day Liam came down with a fever which caused us to stay home and watch movies all day. His fever continued for multiple days and we ended up having to take him to the doctor to get checked out. After 5 days of fever, we ended up getting the okay from his doctor and packed him up and took him to Seabrook. He slept the first 2 days and Preston and I took turns taking Callie out to explore and enjoy all that Seabrook has to offer. Luckily, Liam was too sick to realize what he was missing out on. By the last full day, Liam was able to head to the beach for part of the day and he and Callie enjoyed every monent of being together on the beach. They flew kites, dug holes, built sandcastles, and splashed in the mud puddles. Although it wasn't the most ideal family vacation, we were together an…