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Ten Months

Here we go....another month down, another month closer to one! Wow, time really does fly by.
Here is our goofball of a boy:

He has moved very quickly from learning to crawl to almost walking. He can and will stand on anything. He will walk along furniture and uses his push toy to get from one side of the house to the other. He will push furniture around and has taken one step by himself already (although it was by complete accident). He can stand now with confidence! I'm no longer nervous when he lets go of things. He is very noisy and will make his presence known in a room very quickly. He is starting to get a bit shy around strangers and will often play coy. Along with this shyness, he is starting to get a bit attached to Preston and I and is starting to not want to be held by others. His sleeping has become a bit more consistent (although I am sure I am just totally and completely jinxing myself by saying that). For the most part, he sleeps through the night (7-7) and I'm fi…


This year for Thanksgiving we had a very quiet and relaxed weekend. It ended up just being us so we headed up to the cabin for a very quiet and perfect weekend. We ended up celebrating a day late but when its just the four of us, it doesn't seem to matter!
We were even blessed with snow! Although I wasn't fully prepared (clothing wise) we had a blast and took advantage of every second of the snow.

Enjoying the snow in her pajamas

A girl and her snow....
Liam was not super fond of the snow or the cold....he chose to enjoy the snow from a distance