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Days of the week

Callie has been learning about the days of the week at school....every day I ask her what day of the week it is. Today is's her response!

A Busy But Very Fun Weekend!!

The Graham family stayed very busy this weekend! We had an absolute blast - from watching the seahawks with good friends to playing with our cousins and family. We enjoyed a ferry ride to Bainbridge to enjoy a their children's museum. Super fun! It was a perfect day filled with cousins and laughter.
2 little goofballs on the ferry boat
There was a giant light bright that all the kids loved
Bennett completing the Lego challenge
Future bank teller
Every time we go to a children's museum, Callie spends a majority of her time at the grocery store/restaurant
We spent a great breakfast with the Wagners on Saturday and then headed out to a Touch a Truck event. It was super fun, the kids enjoyed playing in all the vehicles.  Riding on the tractor - just like grandpa!
2 future firefighters

The boys in the another tractor

Two Years Old!!

i can't believe our little girl is now 2 - although there are times when she reminds me.....We celebrated her birthday a week early surrounded by good family and friends. We were camping on her actual birthday - which was a blast.

Here's some updates: She continues to grow like a weed. She is in the 92nd percentile for height and the 76th percentile in weight. We are constantly trying to find shirts long enough for her torso. She is an absolute chatterbox. She speaks in complete sentences and picks up everything we say. I made the mistake about complaining about the traffic when she was in the car (don't worry, it was clean complaining) and now every time we stop the car (even at a red light) she tells me traffic stinks. Her favorite thing to do it sing. She sings songs we've taught her, songs she learned at day care, and my favorite, songs she makes up. She continues to be a bit shy when she first meets people but it doesn't take her long to warm up. She has a ver…

South Carolina

We were so lucky to head to South Carolina this summer. It is an amazing tradition that I truly treasure. I, of course, failed to charge the camera before we fact, I even thought about it and decided that we would be fine....we were, of course, not fine. The camera lasted 2 days - so here's a couple pictures from the trip - it's all I have.
I love this vacation - I love seeing Callie interact with a side of our family that we, unfortunately don't see very often. We were missing 2 very important people this year from our family but they we remembered throughout the vacation!
We all traveled together which was an absolute blessing. The kids entertained each other and swapped toys - our goal was for the kids to be so obnoxious that we would get a whole section of the plane to ourselves....that didn't work out!
Digging and playing with grandpa

Callie shares her grandpa's love of the beach - she would have spent every second of the trip either in the water or…