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Weekend at Hoodsport

I've been a bit behind on posting here, so I am playing a bit of catch up. We recently spent a wonderful weekend up at Hoodsport to visit with the graham side of the family. Callie got to spend some undivided attention with her aunt Katy and aunt Liz.....and she, or course, was in heaven!  Snuggling with aunt Liz 


Okay, I went for it this weekend....maybe not for the best reason (we ran out of diapers and I decided I am done buying them for now!) but we did it! We had 4 days for (for the most part) staying at home, so we decided to ditch the diapers and go for big girl underwear. The first day went pretty well and each day she has been getting better and better. We had our first day of no accidents so we went out and she got to choose out a special pack of new unders (she picked Mickey Mouse)


Callie LOVES to sing! I was able to tape her singing on of her daycare songs about an apple tree. I love that she stops to correct herself :-)