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I can' believe thanksgiving is right around the corner! This year has already started off quickly and continues to snowball even quicker. We had a blast over halloween, the kids enjoyed do don't pumpkins, challenging our carving skills, trick or treating with friends and callie even did her first haunted house (although I'm not sure she will do another one in a long time. Ha!).
We hit up the pumpkin patch on a beautiful (very cold) day. The kiddos played in corn, completed the maze, and tried to find the biggest pumpkins they could find.

 The kiddos pumpkins definitely show each of their personalities. Liam stuck with a truck this year and callie wanted a witch with her cat....she got a cat :)
 Liam dressed up as a dinosaur this year (thank you grandma for the amazing costume) and callie was a cheetah. We went trick or treating on Saturday with
some very good friends are Saturday (we weren't
sure how long they would make it on halloween) .

My fierce dinosaur
On hallowe…

A Bit of Random Fun

This September, we stayed very busy. We lucked out with some surprisingly good weather and took full advantage of it. Liam has Fridays off of school, so we try to plan a super fun adventure on Fridays.  We headed to the water park on a super hot Friday (before it closed for the fall) with Liam's best buddy Jack. They had the place to themselves and had so much fun. 
These boys truly have a blast together!
We headed to the Puyallup fair for opening weekend. We made the best of a beautiful day!

They both loved the fishing
Liam and I spent a Friday visiting some real pirate ships:

Burien Fire Safety Day. Always a great time:

Putting out a fire with the fire hoses

On a side note, Sarah, Amy and I completed our first Spartan Beast race together. 13 miles of running with 30+ obstacles. It was a challenge that I will gladly do again.

On Fridays Liam and I head to the pool on the rainy days. We meet his buddy Jack and they swim for hours.

2 little peas in a pod
And just 2 random …

Callies First Mud Run

This summer, Callie, Laurel, Sarah and I did our first mud/obstacle run together. It took the girls a bit to get used to the mud but by the end they were happy to be messy and dirty. It was so much fun. I asked callie if she wanted to do it again and she told me that she wanted to do another obstacle run without the mud.
Clean and fresh at the starting line

These were a couple of the mud free obstacles. 
This obstacle was the first "mud" obstacle. They had a rope swing and had to let go in the middle of a pit full of mud



This boy started preschool this year. I was a bit nervous because we pretty much just threw him right into it. He went from zero days of being away from me to four days of morning preschool. It is safe to say that he loves it! He is attending the same preschool that Callie attended (Meadowcrest). The preschool is an inclusive preschool and Liam is a peer model. His teacher has been amazing and he loves going to school every day. 

Outside his school
I was a bit anxious about how the first drop off would go but, luckily, his teacher had beading set out, which he loves. He sat right down, started beading, and that was it. 

First grade

First grade has been off to a great start for Callie. She is in Mrs. Hamilton's 1/2 split class and loving every minute of it. I think she's happy to be back to a regular schedule and she loves being pushed to high expectations.