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Thanksgiving Fun

This Thanksgiving turned into a relaxing weekend of family, hiking, and delicious food. We headed to the Knowles side of the family for Thanksgiving dinner. We played many games inside and lucked out with some cold but sunny weather outside. It was a wonderful day and I couldn't have asked for a better time.
Liam spent some time pushing grandma's gardening wagon around the neighborhood
We played a ton of games outside, including capture the flag and red light, green light Maya and Callie were a team and Preston and Laurel were a team. 
I love this picture - Preston and Laurel (on Preston's back) are sneaking up on the 2 girls
Enjoying some grandpa snuggles
After dinner, we headed over to Hoodsport to spend a quiet weekend at the cabin. We hit up some local hiking trails and spent some time at the beach throwing rocks in the water. The way home from the cabin, we decided to find a u-cut tree farm to get our Christmas tree. We kept with the Knowles tradition of getting lost …


This Halloween, was extremely wet but very fun. We lucked out this year and went out trick or treating during the one hour (all day) that the rain stopped. We opted to go to a truck or treat - kind of the best of both worlds; trucks for Liam and candy for Callie. We gave Callie the option when we got home to either watch a movie or go treat or treating in the neighborhood - she opted for a movie and we were very happy with that choice. I didn't take many pictures, it was a bit too wet to carry a camera around. Callie wanted to go with Anna this year and we picked a cowboy for Liam. Surprisingly he wore the horse most of the time; surprising because the horse scared him straight for a month straight.

 Carving pumpkins was very fun this year. We grew the pumpkins again in our garden and ended up with some pretty big ones. Callie was all about the goop which was pretty fun to watch and Liam just wanted to roll all over the pumpkins.

Callie's pick 
Liam's pick
Callie opted thi…