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Thanksgiving 2017

Well....thanksgiving was amazing in fact that we took no pictures. We had a an amazing time with the Knowles side of the family. We got to enjoy the company of Gram, Barbe, Rick, Megan, and Grady. It was a day full of games, fun, and relaxation. Its amazing how the kids get older how much easier it is to actually relax. 
On Saturday after Thanksgiving, Callie completed her first children's marathon. 25 miles were completed at home over 1 1/2 months and the last 1.2 miles was completed in Seattle. I am so proud of her! This was difficult for her and I love the fact that she persevered through her difficulties and never gave up. 
At the starting line and ready to go
Liam and Preston came along and cheered her on
We took advantage of being downtown and spent the morning exploring and being tourists in Seattle. 
The cheering squad
The runners :)