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Snow Day

We were blessed with 2 snow days this week. It was so much fun spending the day outside in the snow and playing around. Both kiddos spent all day in the snow and loved every minute of it. We made snowmen, went sledding, made snow cones and snow ice cream, had a snowball fight and went for a long walk around the neighborhood.
It started snowing Sunday night and the kids ran outside trying to catch snowflakes in their mouths
I'm pretty sure Liam's favorite was to eat the snow....
Maya, Laurel, and Sarah came over and enjoyed the snow with us. The girls made a giant snow head.
And ate snow cones....
Our family of snowmen!

New Moves...

Not sure where he learned to dance but he's got some new moves.....


Can I just say how excited I am that we no longer have to buy diapers ever?! Liam is officially potty trained. It was a much different process than with Callie but we are figuring out quickly that everything will be :)
One proud little boy!