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Dozer Days

We headed to dozer days in Puyallup for a fun weekend outing while Preston was gone fishing. Grandma came with us and helped us find stickers for our hard hats and was patient enough to wait in line with Callie to get her face painted (Liam and I were not as patient). It was an awesome outing and although Liam never drove the dozers, Callie did and loved it.  Difficult to see in the picture but Callie is driving
Measuring themselves against a bucket
A close up of Callie driving

A weekend Away

We packed up and headed to the cabin for a long and relaxing weekend. We were joined for part of the weekend by Grandma and Grandpa and Granddad. We spent time finding crabs on the beach, hiking in the forest, and playing at the playground.

We found an awesome cave and were able to go inside and explore
Lunch break on our hike

Campfire time
Oh....and we had marshmallows
Holding crabs on the beach

These Two....

This week has been a trying week of compromise, making deals, and learning to play with each other. Every time I feel like they need a break from each other, I witness some random act of love between the two of them....

2 Bikes, 2 Extremely Different Strategies

Both kiddos have spent the last week on their bike. Clearly they very different strategies to ride. 
Callie's approach
Liam's approach