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Summer Fun

It's been a while since I've posted....sorry! Callie and I have been enjoying our summer start and have been staying very busy. Although we have not really had summer weather here, we've been creative in our outings. Here's some pictures from some of the things we have been doing.....

We have spent a lot of time in our backyard this year. We decided to rip all the grass and plants out and level and replant. Callie got a kick out of the diggers that were housed in our backyard.

We have taken quite a few trips to the zoo already. We are very lucky to be stuck right between the Tacoma and Seattle zoo - I love both of them!
Callie loved the monkeys - she talked about them for days. She couldn't get past the fact that they were eating in their beds!

My little goof ball!
We really like this too - the seal kept swimming right up to Callie and she would giggle each time he rubbed against the glass.
It has been raining quite a bit around here - so instead of staying inside,…