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9 Months

It's hard to believe that in 3 months our beautiful daughter will be 1 year old! How fast time flies (and how quickly she changes).

Here's some updates (on our very big bug):
She weighs in at a whopping 20 lb 13 oz (81% percentile) and continues to be VERY long, measuring in at 29.75 inches (98% percentile). Again, we are not sure who she got that gene from. She now not only can get herself down from the standing position but she also has had a few moments when she has stood totally by herself. On Mother's Day she stood for a good 5 seconds all by herself. Daycare tells us that she now uses other kids heads to help herself stand up (sorry!).She can also walk along the couch or another long piece of furniture. Today I was cooking dinner (Callie is often very content playing in the kitchen with "non toys" while I cook) and I looked over and she was pushing the kitchen chair across the floor. I was so excited, I made her do it again so I could video tape it (she was…

Tacoma Nature Center

We spent last Tuesday with the Sarions (Callie just LOVES Maya). One of the greatest things, is that I learn about cool new places to take Callie - Sarah is really good about knowing what's going on around us. We headed to the Tacoma Nature Center. Very cool. It let Sarah and I walk and then the kids got to play in the discovery playground.
The girls ready for a walk - Callie was very excited!
Checking out the baby ducks
 Maya leading the way
How do you get a nine month old not to eat wood chips?
Maya had an awesome slide to play with
Callie appears to be a bit overwhelming to Laurel - sorry!

Let's Call it What it is......

A problem......!!!!
So, we take these great trips, spent fantastic weekends away from home, and take fun day trips making sure we pack the camera to capture the fun times. Yet, not once do we ever take the camera out of its bag and take a picture.
We just spent last weekend down in Vancouver and had a wonderful, relaxing visit. Callie slept better than she has ever slept anywhere (which was VERY nice). She got to experience her very first "Graham taco party" (although I didn't let her taste it), ate pancakes for the first time (and loved them!), and got to spend time with her grandma, grandpa, and aunt Kristine. Of course, we took no pictures so you will have to take my word for it :-)
I got some pictures from our trip to Pennsylvania (thanks grandma, Aunt Kay and Aunt Marty) and wanted to post a few.
Fun times on the plane
Cousin Caleb with Granny playing Where's the Baby
Callie is a bit into touching faces lately
We tried VERY hard to get all three cousins to sit…