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Our little dancer

I think I've mentioned before about how much Callie loves to dance (one of her favorite dance songs besides her ball popper is Some Nights....pretty darn cute!). Her new move is just to spin around in circles. Sorry about the outfit, we had lasagna and it was a pretty messy affair!

I'm kind of bummed you can't hear the sound on the phone. Pete and Rachel got her this phone for her birthday and she recently realized 2 of the buttons made music. This video cracks me up because the song is so short. She pushes the button, wiggles for a minute, pushes the button again, and on and on and on.


I cannot express how exciting it is for Preston and I to see our little baby/girl growing up and learning new things. She is learning her colors, she officially knows yellow, white, black, and purple (thanks to Clara she has a favorite pair of purple shoes that have helped us). She loves to sing her version of the abcs....during bedtime i made a mistake and asked her what song she wanted to sing, she responded abcs and spent about 10 minutes singing it over and over and over. Her favorite thing to do right now is to count things.....lights, people, food, anything! She surprised Preston and I one day and counted from 1-3.
Sorry, the sound is not super great....

Christmas 2012

This Christmas we were very blessed - we got to spend a lot of family time together, we spent great quality time with the rest of our family, and overall we had a blast (although we are exhausted!). It was a fun Christmas, I'm not sure Callie really understood everything but she was so excited to spend time with all her cousins and play with her new toys. Here are some of the pics from the last two weeks.
Christmas eve we devote to relaxation and totally family time. We started the day decorating a gingerbread house. Callie has spent a bit of time decorating cookies now, and she knew just what to do with the frosting.
 She was quite patient, waiting while we got everything ready.   Since she seems to love licking the frosting, we finally just gave her a cookie and let her eat it while Preston and I decorated the house. Maybe next year.... We then moved on to painting. We started out every clean but ended up in the bath afterwards.   Her highlight was a bike, she spent most of the …