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Christmas 2012

This Christmas we were very blessed - we got to spend a lot of family time together, we spent great quality time with the rest of our family, and overall we had a blast (although we are exhausted!). It was a fun Christmas, I'm not sure Callie really understood everything but she was so excited to spend time with all her cousins and play with her new toys. Here are some of the pics from the last two weeks.
Christmas eve we devote to relaxation and totally family time. We started the day decorating a gingerbread house. Callie has spent a bit of time decorating cookies now, and she knew just what to do with the frosting.
 She was quite patient, waiting while we got everything ready. 
 Since she seems to love licking the frosting, we finally just gave her a cookie and let her eat it while Preston and I decorated the house. Maybe next year....
We then moved on to painting. We started out every clean but ended up in the bath afterwards. 
 Her highlight was a bike, she spent most of the morning riding around the house on it. I think we have pulled it out almost every day so far. 
 She quickly got the hang of opening gifts and opened every gift for us. 

 She got a new pair of gloves in her stocking and surprisingly she was very excited about them. She spent a quite a bit of time walking around wearing them. Too bad she won't keep them on when we are outside. 
Checking out the stocking. 
We then headed to my parents house to celebrate with all the cousins. She was in heaven - it was a bit overwhelming for me. Preston and I forgot our camera so unfortunately we don't have a pictures from there. 
The next day we headed over to Hoodsport to spend some time with the Grahams. It was quite the adventure - lots of snow but luckily Callie loved the snow. 
Playing with her new dollhouse with papa.

She loved the snow - although it took her quite a bit to get used to it

She didn't really love the sled but she spent hours digging and making snow castles

Reading her new books with Nanna
Doing an alphabet puzzle

Building castles with her new blocks

Tickling Aunt Kristine

She will not let Preston be in the tunnel all by himself - every time she has to join in

Gram, Aunt Barbe, Sam, and Rick came up for New Years. It was so wonderful to see everyone and to watch Callie quickly warm up to everyone. (she was rooting for the Seahawks that day)

Reading books with Sam and Aya (Maya - we don't quite have the M down)

Playing in the water with Aunt Barbe


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Sun River 2018

For mid winter break, we headed up to Sun River for the week. As always, it did not disappoint! The kids had a blast spending the week with Grandma and Grandpa, all their cousins, skiing, and playing in the snow. This year we started with no snow on the ground and ended with a blizzard that made driving home very tricky. Liam stayed home with Grandma while Callie and I skied. Although it is always hard to be left behind, he loves his Grandma so much and they had an absolute blast together. I'm also realizing that she took all the pictures so I have very few with her...major bummer!

We celebrated these 2 boys on this trip. 
When there is this many kids, you not only take over the whole run but there it is also very difficult to figure out which way to go....

Grandpa and his gang
Pretty soon we won't all fit on one couch.
Unfortunately our sister/dad ski day did not go as planned. Sarah took a spill the day before and was not able to ski with us for the rest of the trip


Husky Game

UW recently had a Girl Scout night at one of the Husky games. Preston was out hunting so I took the kiddos by myself (and met Sarah and Rey there). It went surprisingly well - especially since the game ended up being a 7:30 pm game. Luckily Liam napped the whole way there and was able to rally when it was game time. Callie's highlights of the game was being there with her cousins, the cheerleaders, and the marching band. She wasn't too interested in the football aspect. 
Although the stadium was not loud, Liam insisted on wearing headphones. He didn't take them off once and even fell asleep with them on in the car. 

Enthralled with the marching band
Hopefully some future Huskies!


We are now a family of 4 pretty impressive bike riders.