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Father's Day

We celebrated Father's day with a beautiful weekend of kayaking and walking around UW. The kiddos loved the kayaks and we enjoyed exploring the waters and the arboretum. After a fun kayaking adventure, we headed to UW campus and had a picnic. The kids loved exploring the campus with their scooters.

Was so nice to have the campus to ourselves
The arboretum
My kayaking buddy - she worked hard the whole time
The boy boat. Liam was not super happy about being in the kayak and took some convincing to get in. After about 10 minutes of pouting he decided that he loved it!

Kindergarten Complete!

I am so proud of this little girl. She has worked so hard this year, learning new things and making new friends. She has excelled in school and loves going every day to learn new things. We could not be more proud of the intelligent and kind girl that she is turning into. I am so happy to have her home for the summer and cannot wait to get started on our summer bucket list.

According to Callie......finally!!

She has been waiting patiently and patiently for her teeth to get loose. Finally (according to Callie) she lost her first tooth!

Memorial Day Weekend

Over Memorial Day weekend we actually got some sun, thankfully. That weekend ended up being a weekend of friends, family, and hiking. We tried to soak up every minute of the warm weather - which is good because I don't think we have gotten it since then.
We enjoyed some sprinkler time with our cousins.
And some relaxing hammock time....
And there were s'mores of course!
Monday we headed up Rattlesnake ledge (with every single other person that lives in Seattle). It was beautiful but extremely busy; not sure it will be a hike that I will ever do again.
The view from the top